WRCR/Rockford College Alumni

WRCR/Rockford College Radio -- 2011 Reunion

September 29, October 1 & 2, 2011

On October 1, during the Rockford College Reunion, alumni of WRCR gathered in the old lower Burpee Center studios for a broadcast of 50 oldies chosen by WRCR alumni. For more about the reunion and broadcast, including photos and a podcast, please visit the Reunion 2011 page.

The picture shows some who participated in the Old School Radio Show broadcast. (l-r) Robin Wingast LaBedz, Vince Chiarelli, Bern Sundstedt, Shayna Leber, Tracey Redeker, Allyson Utech, Cece Forrester, John Bace, Ross Hunter, and Brian Dubin. Gary LaBedz photo.

On the weekend of September 30 -- October 2, 2011, WRCR alumni held their second special reunion. The first, held in 2005, was themed Blast from the Past, and focused on memorabilia and past locations of the then-defunct radio station.

The 2011 WRCR reunion theme was Back to the Future. It was an occasion for WRCR alumni to celebrate the revival of Rockford College Radio and support its renewed future, to revisit the studio which was familiar to many of them from their student days and is now once again home to Rockford College Radio, and to connect in person with fellow alums and the current student staff. The highlight of the weekend was a special radio program, The Old School Radio Show, presented by the alumni on Saturday, October 1, with the help of the current station staff.

On this page you will find links to: a photo album of the reunion weekend, a complete podcast of the three-hour Old School Radio Show, videos shot during the Old School Radio Show and reception, and a list of the Top 50 voted vinyl songs used in the Old School Radio Show.

Go here to view the main reunion photo album. Feel free to enter your comments.

On the afternoon of Saturday, October 1, 2011, the WRCR Alumni presented a three-hour special radio program on Rockford College Radio. The Old School Radio Show featured interviews with fellow WRCR alumni who visited the station in person or by telephone. It also featured music played from vinyl, chosen by alumni vote from Cece Forrester's collection of 45rpm records. (For more about the top 50 songs, scroll down.) The program was hosted by Ross Hunter and Brian Dubin in its first two hours. The final hour was hosted by John Bace and featured his countdown of the top 10 songs. Cece Forrester acted as program producer, and Vince Chiarelli, currently General Manager of Rockford College Radio, acted as engineer and record turner.

Go here to listen to the podcast of the three-hour program

Several videos were taken during the Old School Radio Show and reception in the RCR studios:

Go here to view a YouTube video shot by Ross Hunter with highlights of the Top 10 countdown and views of the studios.

There are five videos on Facebook (registration not required) with highlights from the first two hours, and including reception activities and visitors:

Show opening

Interview with Robin Wingast La Bedz

Cece’s inspiration to feature vinyl records on the show

Interview with Tanya Tyler

More highlights


The Great Chicago-to-Rockford WRCR Traveling Vinyl Collection of 2011

Cece’s vintage record carrying case, also known as the “Box of Vinyl,” became semi-famous for its role in the reunion weekend and the Old School Radio Show. Alumni voted for their ten favorites, from Cece’s collection of 45 rpm records, and their votes were tallied to select 50 songs to make the trip to Rockford for the radio show. The entire top 10, plus about half of the other 50, were heard on Rockford College Radio, complete with characteristic vinyl snap-crackle-pop.

A digital playlist featuring all 50 songs is in preparation, and will soon be scheduled on Rockford College Radio as one of the automated playlists that air whenever there is not a live program.

Go here to view a photo album telling the story in photos of the Box of Vinyl’s excellent weekend adventure

Go here to see a list of the 50 winning songs. (Spoiler alert: This page includes the Top 10 records presented in John Bace’s countdown. If you wish to be surprised, listen to the podcast first!)

Here is the list of the entire vinyl collection, from which the alumni selected their favorites.


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