WRCR Memorial Brick Campaign

Members of the WRCR Yahoo email list have completed a campaign to raise the funds to purchase a WRCR Memorial Brick in the Colman Library patio at Rockford College.

Those who made contributions chose the brick design.
Marv Cutler `65
Georgia Bilas Applegate `67
Shirley Hegedus Murphy `70
Linda Mark Nicholson `70
Brian Dubin `71
Ross Hunter `71
Carol Hempel Hunter `71
Cece Forrester `72
Irene Rooney Bacevicius `75
John Bacevicius `75
Robin Wingast LaBedz `76
Susan Fuchs `78
Janet Hansen `80
Tanya (T.J.) Tyler `81
Margaret Claudon `86
Steve Bates `89
Susan Long Bates `89
Marci Jumisko `92

The brick and other personal bricks were "planted" on Saturday October 11, 2008 during Reunion Weekend. As you can see there is still room for more personal bricks around the WRCR brick. For information on adding a brick, contact Linda Sandquist at Rockford:


Thanks to Brian and Rose Dubin for these photos.

Click here for a short video of the brick unveiling.







The bricks in place in the Colman Library patio.

(l-r) Bern Sundstedt, Michael Anthony, Brian Dubin, Tanya Tyler, Tom Lifvendahl, Michael Morris

Prior to the unveiling, the bricks were under this RC banner.



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