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WRCR/Rockford College Radio - Announcer Theme Songs

Many announcers, especially in the early years of WRCR, had favorite music used to open or close their
programs. Here's a list of those themes as well as some announcers favorite songs. This list was
compiled from emails posted on the WRCR Alumni list on Yahoo: www.groups.yahoo.groups/wrcr

John Bace '75: (theme) In the Beginning/Lovely To See You Again, The Moody Blues

Ned Cohen '71: (theme) Soul Coaxing, Raymond Lefevre

Tim Coleman '75: (theme) Baba O'Reilly, The Who

Brian Dubin '71: (theme) Shout, Shout, Ernie Moresca...(favorite) Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison

Don Faith '68: (theme) Surfing Bird, The Trashmen

Ian Firdenberg '76; (theme) Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys

Cece Forrester '72: (theme) Here Comes the Sun, Richie Havens...(favorites) You Can All Join In, Traffic

Mark Groth '72:(theme) Fire, The Strange World of Arthur Brown...(favorites) Keep On Dancing, Gentrys

Ross Hunter '71: (theme) You'd Better Sit Down Kids , Cher...(favorites) My Sweet Lord, George Harrison; Suite Judy Blue Eyes, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Jerry Mayer '75: (theme) Tight Rope Ride, The Doors

Parnell Nelson '68: (theme) a mix of the National Anthem and Let There Be Drums, Sandy Nelson

Pat Sullivan: (theme) Tiny Dancer, Elton John

Sheila Wylie: (theme) White Bird, It's A Beautiful Day for the "Wylie Coyote Show"

Doug Williamson '75: (theme) While My Guitar Gently Weeps, The Beatles





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