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A number of former WRCR staffers have personal or business web sites that may be of interest..
John Bace can assist with your IT consulting needs and legal ramifications which may arise.
Kev Carr has over 50 videos on his SINE ZEN NON (Nothing Without Zen) web site.
Brian Dubin
can help you with your aftermarket auto parts needs.
Peter Dunn
has a web site and blog for job seekers over 50.
Ross Hunter's company can help with your mailing needs.
Scott Monahan's
business site.

Scott Monahan has a page of radio station audio files on his site.
Mike Porcaro now runs a communications firm in Alaska.
Tim Stotz had a personal blog which sometimes touches on WRCR. (use your browser's "find" to locate WRCR mentions...check the Feb 2005 archive)

Here are some radio-related internet sites that may be of interest...
-- Vern Nolte was the owner of Rockford's WROK/WZOK where many WRCR staffers got their first introduction "real" radio. Nolte was very instrumental in the invention of the cart machine once used by thousands of radio stations around the world. For some history, try these sites:
---- The Gates Story
---- One of the things that changed radio's forever.

-- Reel Radio
is a great site for airchecks of classic Top 40 radio stations from across the country. You have to be a subscriber ($12/year) to listen to audio.
-- Want to hear some old jingles? Try the PAMS site
-- A history of Chicago area call letters.
-- News of the Upper Midwest radio and TV markets
-- News from Wisconsin radio and TV markets
-- News of the Washington/Baltimore radio and TV markets
-- News of the various Eastern Virginia radio and TV markets
-- Interested in radio station top of the hour IDs? Try the TopHour site.



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