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WRCR/Rockford College Radio -- 2010s History

This history of WRCR was compiled from Rockford College newspaper articles, primarily the Collegian; recollections of students involved with WRCR, and messages posted on the WRCR list serve. This history was compiled by Ross Hunter '71and edited by Cece Forrester '72. Click a link above to visit other decades. In reviewing the old newspaper clippings there are two themes that surfaced every couple of years from the beginning of WRCR to its end in 1994: the hum caused by carrier current broadcasting and the hope of FM broadcasting. Student engineers over the years made great strides in overcoming the hum, but that FM dream was never realized.

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January 21, 2011, WRCR returned in the form of an internet radio stream called Rockford College Radio. The station is back in the lower Burpee Center studios originally occupied in the Fall of 1970. There are numerous pictures in the RCR 6.0 gallery and the 2011 Reunion gallery.





On May 2, 2012 WRCR alumni presented the John D. Spence award to Bern Sundstedt and Vince Chiarelli. For many years the WRCR alumni had hoped for a revival of student radio at Rockford College. But we knew that it could not happen without two things: a champion in the administration and the initiative from students. Tthese things have come to pass and we believe Bern and Vince are the reasons why this noble experiment is working again. You'll find pictures here.

The John D. Spence Award was created by WRCR Radio Alumni to honor the memory of John Spence, Rockford College Vice President of Development from 1966 to 1977 and Acting President from 1977 to 1980. John Spence was a father confessor, confidant, and friend to many Rockford College students. And he was a great supporter of WRCR radio. In his role as Vice President for Development he was responsible for WRCR's studio space in Burpee Center. Now that space is occupied by Rockford College Radio.

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