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Here's Freshman Mike Powell from April of 1968. (2.2 megs)

The 1968 Presidential election featured Hubert Humphrey, Richard Nixon and George Wallace.
Here's a short clip of WRCR's election night coverage.
Note the teletype sound effect in the background.(478k)

It's short, but it's all we've found
from Brian Dubin in his
"Murray the D" persona. This is from about 1969. (932k)

An aircheck of Ross Hunter's
morning show from the spring of
1971. It's in two parts:
part 1 (1.45 megs)
part 2 (1.2 megs)

From time to time CeceForrester would leave her off-air postion as Traffic Manager and take an
air shift. Here's a 2-part aircheck
from February of 1972.
part 1 1:47 ( 1.64 megs)
part 2 1:29 (1.36 megs)

A short clip from the Morning Show on January 27, 1971



We have two airchecks from Mark Groth's 1972 Morning Show. The first is from April 14, 1972. It runs 2:39. The second is from May 1, 1972. This was Mark's final show on WRCR and the final program for the 1971-72 academic year. It runs 22:44.

This is a Fall 1974 Breakfast Club morning show hosted by John Bace. A great deal of the show was an interview about Judicial Board which is not included.(2:06, 1.9 megs)

This Breakfast Club air check is from September 19, 1974. A large portion of the show was an interview with nurse Doris Orr. Most has been cut out.(1:30, 1.4 megs)

Here's another Freshman aircheck.
In September of 1977, Bill Rider set up an 8-track recorder in his room to tape part of his debut show. You should be able to hear some of the WRCR carrier current hum in this sample. (1:55 1.76 megs)

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