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Here's a Mark Groth production
piece voiced by Jim (Landis) Buchman
featuring the top songs of the
week in the WRCR
Campus Line 29
. (835k) A printed copy of this Campus Line 29 survey from Nov. 21, 1969 can be found in the Printed Items image gallery.

Ross Hunter's show open
for Dave Billingham. (66k)

WRCR covered the 1968
Presidential election. This is Mike
in "Election Central"
complete with a teletype sound
from a sound effects record. (168k)

Here's a 1972 intro for the John Bace and Jerry Mayer Show. It was produced by Mark Groth and Scott Monahan. (952k)

Here's a WROK legal ID for John Bace done by Scott Monahan. (193k)

This WRCR promo for a Dorm C tape dance was contributed by Bob Matthews. It aired in 1974 (1.3megs)

This really has very little to do with WRCR, but there is a WRCR Station ID included in this collection of radio station IDs from the summer of 1973.

In November of 2009 three RC students began recording college announcements for WTPB FM in Rockford. Here's the first one aired.


Here's a Kevin Carr and the Really Rotten Radio Review parady of the ever popular drag strip commercials.

Another parody from Kevin Carr and the Rally Rotten Radio Review: VD or Games of Passion.

And another from the Really Rotten Radio Review players: Hangman Punchlines

It's Howdy Doody Time on the Really Rotten Radio Review.

A station ID in Polish from the Really Rotten Radio Review.

Set to the tune of a Petter, Paul & Mary song, here's the Really Rotten Radio Review's Puff the High Tar Cigarette.

You can always use a bit of Shakespeare. Here's the Really Rotten Radio Review's version of Rozencrantz & Gildenstern

The Really Rotten Radio Review plays take a page from the Bob & Ray book with the Cranberry interview.

The Really Rotten Review players take on Gone With the Wind.


Answer to the question on the promos page: Condition Red by the Goodees from 1969







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