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More Music from
Sandy Ballin (103k)

More Music from
Jim Buchman

Forward, into the past (48k)

WLS's Lyle Dean again with a rip
off of another WLS bumper. (192k)

A station ID from
Jim Buchman. (88k)

A tongue in cheek bumper from Scott Monahan. (131k)

A station ID from
Jim Buchman (60k)

A station ID with jingle from
Jim Buchman. (67k)

Two Mike Porcaro promos from the spring of 1968 for WRCR oldies programs:
Solid Gold :40 (641k)
Gold Mine :40 (630k)


Here's an moldy oldie favorite from
1968 graduate Mike Porcaro. (134k)

Sandy Ballin's 1968 Station ID. (46k)

1973 grad Scott Monahan with a 1973 station ID. (210k)

Sandy Ballin
Asks for requests. (84k)

The legendary voice of WLS newsman Lyle Dean with a parody of WLS's From Chicago to the North American Continent: (48k)

A 1973 station ID from
Scott Monahan
. (116k)

Another station ID from Scott Monahan. This one is from
the fall of 1973. (150k)

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