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In 1973 WRCR used a home built automation system to stay
on the air 18 hours a day.
Here's Scott Monahan's promo.

We have four promos for the Glen Moss Show. These date from 1968. They are voiced by an announcer for radio station WRSV in Skokie, IL where Glen had done some part-time work.
1. 12 seconds
2. 6 seconds
3. 23 seconds
4. 15 seconds

Here's a Mike Porcaro voiced promo for the Jim Buchman Show. Extra credit if you can name the obscure group or song used at the end of the promo. [The answer is on the
"Audio/ Miscellaneous" page

The Lillian Roxon Program was syndicated to college stations. (127k)

WRCR station ID voiced by
Jim Landis Buchman. (72k)

In 1971 WRCR published a
phone book to suppliment the college's book. The "Phone Thing" spot was voiced by Ross Hunter.

A Mike Porcaro promo for the play "Bernardo Alba" from March of 1968. :56 (885k)



Prior to some holiday breaks,
WRCR would stay on the air all night. Among other things, we'd try to match drivers with people looking for rides.Here's a Ross Hunter All Night promo from Spring 1971. (489k)

WRCR home-built automation
system needed a name. Here's a Webb Kerns voiced automation contest promo.(909k)

Oldies were something new in the late 1960s. Here's Jim Buchman promoting oldies on WRCR from 1969. (1 meg)

In the early years, WRCR had programs featuring Broadway show. This is Ned Cohen open and close
for "Sound Stage 10"
from 1968.(510k)

Another one from Mike Porcaro suggested by the hit movie "The Graduate" :36 (574k)

Bill Bird does a promo for the Really Rotten Radio Review

Another promo for the Really Rotten Radio Review










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